The Program

We provide a planned educational program in a safe, attractive and stimulating environment, operating under the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Qld Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

In our program, each child is valued as an individual with differing interests, abilities and needs. 

In their daily interactions, the Educators observe each child and plan specific experiences which will enhance their wellbeing and development - whether it be physical, social, cognitive, spiritual or emotional. 

We offer learning experiences designed to enhance children’s self confidence and foster a love of learning. 

A typical day at Corinda Christian Kindergarten might be:

Time Activity
8:45am Arrival & Outdoor play session
9:30am Munch & Crunch
10:30am Pack up & move Indoors
10:45am Language /Discussion/Story time
Morning Tea
11:15am Indoor Play session
Pack up & Music session
Prepare beds for rest
1:00-1:15pm  Lunch
1:45pm Rest Time followed by quiet activities, a game or a story
2:45pm Departure Time